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Allen-Bradley 1794 PLC Digital I/O Modules

description:Our Bulletin 1794 FLEX I/O modules offer flexibility for your application with digital, analog, HART analog, and specialty I/O, with 4…32 points per module. You can mix and match digital and analog I/O with mounting and wiring options....

Allen-Bradley PLC Digital I/O Modules 1794-OB8EP 1794 FLEX I/O

Allen-Bradley-PLC-Digital- I/O-Modules-1794-OB8EP-1794-FLEX-I/O

FLEX I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1794 FLEX™ I/O modules offer flexibility for your application with digital, analog, HART analog, and specialty I/O, with 4…32 points per module. You can mix and match digital and analog I/O with mounting and wiring options.


Digital and analog modules plus a breadth of specialty modules support a wide variety of applications
Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) lets you replace modules and make cable connections while the system is in operation
FLEX I/O-XT™ extreme environment modules are rated for -20...70 °C (-4...185 °F) and are compatible with the ControlLogix-XT™ extreme environment system
Conformal coated modules are available
Each I/O module requires a terminal base for connection points for I/O wiring

1794 FLEX™ I/O Digital Modules

Cover a wide electrical range
Densities range from 8...32 points
Isolated inputs or outputs, protected outputs, electronic fusing, or diagnostics available on some modules

1794 FLEX I/O Analog Modules

Individually configurable channels
Selectable input filters on many modules
Single-ended or differential inputs
On-board scaling
Internal calibration
Thermocouple, RTD, and HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) modules available

1794 FLEX I/O Specialty Modules

Frequency modules
Very High Speed counter module
Pulse counter modules


1794ACN15 1794-ACN15
1794ACN15K 1794-ACN15K
1794ACNR15 1794-ACNR15
1794ACNR15XT 1794-ACNR15XT
1794ADN 1794-ADN
1794ADNK 1794-ADNK
1794AENT 1794-AENT
1794AENTR 1794-AENTR
1794APBDPV1 1794-APBDPV1
1794CE1 1794-CE1
1794CE3 1794-CE3
1794CJC2 1794-CJC2
1794IA16 1794-IA16
1794IA8 1794-IA8
1794IA8I 1794-IA8I
1794IB10XOB6 1794-IB10XOB6
1794IB10XOB6XT 1794-IB10XOB6XT
1794IB16 1794-IB16
1794IB16D 1794-IB16D
1794IB16XOB16P 1794-IB16XOB16P
1794IB16XT 1794-IB16XT
1794IB32 1794-IB32
1794IB8 1794-IB8
1794IC16 1794-IC16
1794ID2 1794-ID2
1794IE12 1794-IE12
1794IE4XOE2 1794-IE4XOE2
1794IE4XOE2XT 1794-IE4XOE2XT
1794IE8 1794-IE8
1794IE8H 1794-IE8H
1794IE8XOE4 1794-IE8XOE4
1794IE8XT 1794-IE8XT
1794IF2XOF2I 1794-IF2XOF2I
1794IF4I 1794-IF4I
1794IF4IXT 1794-IF4IXT
1794IF8IH 1794-IF8IH
1794IG16 1794-IG16
1794IH16 1794-IH16
1794IJ2 1794-IJ2
1794IJ2XT 1794-IJ2XT
1794IM16 1794-IM16
1794IM8 1794-IM8
1794IP4 1794-IP4
1794IR8 1794-IR8
1794IRT8 1794-IRT8
1794IRT8XT 1794-IRT8XT
1794IT8 1794-IT8
1794IV16 1794-IV16
1794IV32 1794-IV32
1794LBL 1794-LBL
1794N2 1794-N2
1794NM1 1794-NM1
1794OA16 1794-OA16
1794OA8 1794-OA8
1794OA8I 1794-OA8I
1794OB16 1794-OB16
1794OB16D 1794-OB16D
1794OB16P 1794-OB16P
1794OB16PXT 1794-OB16PXT
1794OB32P 1794-OB32P
1794OB8 1794-OB8
1794OB8EP 1794-OB8EP
1794OB8EPXT 1794-OB8EPXT
1794OC16 1794-OC16
1794OE12 1794-OE12
1794OE4 1794-OE4
1794OE4XT 1794-OE4XT
1794OE8H 1794-OE8H
1794OF4I 1794-OF4I
1794OF4IXT 1794-OF4IXT
1794OF8IH 1794-OF8IH
1794OG16 1794-OG16
1794OM16 1794-OM16
1794OM8 1794-OM8
1794OV16 1794-OV16
1794OV16P 1794-OV16P
1794OV32 1794-OV32
1794OW8 1794-OW8
1794OW8XT 1794-OW8XT
1794PS13 1794-PS13
1794PS3 1794-PS3
1794TB2 1794-TB2
1794TB3 1794-TB3
1794TB32 1794-TB32
1794TB32S 1794-TB32S
1794TB37DS 1794-TB37DS
1794TB3G 1794-TB3G
1794TB3GK 1794-TB3GK
1794TB3GS 1794-TB3GS
1794TB3GSK 1794-TB3GSK
1794TB3K 1794-TB3K
1794TB3S 1794-TB3S
1794TB3SK 1794-TB3SK
1794TB3T 1794-TB3T
1794TB3TK 1794-TB3TK
1794TB3TS 1794-TB3TS
1794TB3TSK 1794-TB3TSK
1794TB62DS 1794-TB62DS
1794TBKD 1794-TBKD
1794TBN 1794-TBN
1794TBNF 1794-TBNF
1794TBNK 1794-TBNK
1794VHSC 1794-VHSC

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