ABB PM590-MC-KIT Machine Controller Kit, ABB AC500 PLCs

ABB PM590-MC-KIT Machine Controller Kit, ABB AC500 PLCs


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ABB PM590-MC-KIT: AC500, Machine Controller Kit with PM590-ETH CPU + CM579-ETHCAT. Communication module + TB521-ETH Terminal base + TA524 Empty coupler module, Packaging. Our AC500 CPUs have a variety of communication possibilities, onboard and with expansion modules, which can be integrated into various combinations, forming great network nodes from smallest to largest automation solutions.

Model: PM590-MC-KIT
Product ID: 1SAP150000R0379
Categories: AC500
Brand: ABB

● 2 internal serial interfaces, RS232 / RS485 configurable.
Display and 8 function keys for diagnosis and status.
Centrally expandable with up to 10 I/O modules, 320 I/Os (S500 and/or S500-eCo modules allowed).
Simultaneous operation of up to 4 external communication modules in any desired combination.
Optional memory card for data storage and program backup.
Can also be used as slave on PROFIBUS DP, CANopen or PROFINET IO using CM582-DP, CM588-CN, CM589-PNIO or CM589-PNIO-4 communication modules.
Ethernet version provides web server and IEC 60870-5-104 remote control protocol.
Support of AC500-S safety PLC.

ABB AC500 CPUs Applications
The AC500 can be used in many different applications, for example wind mills, solar trackers, high-volume circuit breaker production, large vessels, tunnel automation, traffic control, packaging, printing machines and robotics.

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