ABB AO523 Analog Output Module, ABB AC500 PLCs

ABB AO523 Analog Output Module, ABB AC500 PLCs


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ABB AO523: S500, Analog Output Module 16AO,U/I 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire. ABB AC500 - S500 I/O modules. You can choose and combine your needed type of connection: Central, using local I/O bus of CPU module. Up to ten I/O modules can be connected to the CPU. Decentralized periphery via fieldbus between CPU module and remote I/O modules. For each fieldbus slave, up to ten I/O modules can be connected. Multifunctional approach: some modules cover a broad range of requirements, e.g. AI531 with 8 types of different signals in one module.

Model: AO523
Product ID: 1SAP250200R0001
Categories: AC500
Brand: ABB

ABB AC500 - S500 I/O modules
Hot swap capable when mounted on hot swap terminal unit
For central expansion of the AC500 or AC500-eCo CPUs
For decentralized expansion in combination with communication interface modules on CS31, PROFINET IO, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen modules
DC and AC: Channels can be configured individually as inputs or outputs
Plug-in electronic modules, terminal unit required.

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