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Mitsubishi NFC60-CMXA circuit breaker (air switch) NFC60-CMX

description:Mitsubishi MitsubishiModel:Nfc60-cmxaNumber of Poles:3PType of leakage protection device:3PVoltage:1000V and belowPower mode:AC PowerRated current:40a50a60a...

Mitsubishi NFC60-CMXA circuit breaker (air switch) NFC60-CMXA With Good Price

1.    Description

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
Number of Poles:
Type of leakage protection device:
1000V and below
Power mode:
AC Power
Rated current:
Arc extinguishing mode:
Compressed air circuit breaker

2.Ordering Information

Mitsubishi NFC60-CMXA circuit breaker (air switch) NFC60-CMXA With Good Price

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Mitsubishi NFC60-CMXA circuit breaker (air switch) NFC60-CMXA With Good Price

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