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Original MTL 4073 With Good Price 4073 MTL PLC Spot Modules

description:Model: MTL 4073Maker: Measurement Technology LTD.Um= 250VMax. amb.: 60°cSupply: 20 to 35 V dc. 60 mA max....
Original MTL 4073 With Good Price 4073 MTL PLC Spot Modules Temperature Converter, THC or RTD input

1. Description:

Temperature Converter, THC or RTD input
Model: MTL 4073
Maker: Measurement Technology LTD.
Um= 250V
Max. amb.: 60°c
Supply: 20 to 35 V dc. 60 mA max.
The MTL4073 converts a low level dc signal from a temperature sensor mounted in a hazardous area into a 4/20mA current for driving a safe-area load. Software selectable features include linearisation, ranging, monitoring, testing and tagging for eight thermocouple types and 2-, 3, and 4-wire RTDs. For THC inputs requiring cold- junction compensation, an SCJ01 hazardous-area connector (which is provided with an integral CJC sensor) should be used. Configuration is carried out using a personal computer. 

Number of channels ONE
Signal Source  Types J,K,T,E,R,S,B or N THCs to BS 4937
EMF input
2/3 4- wire platinum RTDs to BS 1904/ DIN 43760 (100Ω at 0°c)
Location of Signal Source Zone 0, IIC, T4 Hazardous area
Div. 1, Group A, hazardous location
Input signal range -75 to +75 mV, or 0 to 400Ω
Input signal span 3 to 150mV, or 10 to  400Ω
RTD excitation current  200μA nominal
Cold junction compensation Automatic or Selectable
Cold junction compensation error ≤1.0 °c
Common mode rejection 120dB for 240V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Series mode rejection 40dB for 50Hz or 60 Hz
Calibration accuracy (at 20 °c)
(includes hysteresis, non-linearity and repeatability)
 mV/THC: ±15μV or ±0.05% of input value(whichever is greater) 
RTD: ±80mΩ 
Temperature drift (typical ) Inputs:
mV/THC: ±0.003% of input value/°C 
RTD: ±7mΩ/°C 
Output: ±0.6μA/°C
Example of calibration accuracy and temperature drift (RTD input):
Span: 250Ω
Accuracy: ± (0.08/250 + 11/16000) x 100% =0.1% of span
Temperature drift: ± (0.007/250 x 16000 + 0.6) μA/°C = ±1.0μA/°C 
 Safety drive on sensor burnout Upscale, Downscale, or off 
 Output range:  4 to 20mA nominal (direct or reverse) 
 Maximum load resistance 600Ω
 LED indicator  Green: one provided for power and status indication 
 Power requirement , Vs 57 mA at 24V
55mA to 20V
60mA at 35V with 20mA signal
 Power dissipation within unit 1.2 W at 24V with 20mA signal
2.0 W  at 35V 
 Isolation 250 V ac between safe- and hazardous-area circuits 
 Safety description Terminal 5 and 6 :
Non-energy-storing apparatus ≤1.2V, ≤0.1A, ≤20μJ, and ≤25mW. Can be connected without further certification into any IS loop with open-circuit voltage not more than 10V.
Terminals 1 and 2
7.2V, 950Ω, 8mA
Configuration socket
Umax: in = 11.2V, Imax: in = 12mA, Wmax: in = 280mW Umax: out = 7.2V, Imax: out = 8mA, Wmax: out = 15mW 
 FM entity parameters  Terminals 1, 2, 5 and 6
Vt ≤ 7.2V, It ≤ 11.5mA, Ca ≤ 11.0μF, La ≤ 245mH 
Terminals 5 and 6 only
Vt ≤ 1.2V, It ≤ 3.8mA, Ca ≤ 1000μF, La ≤ 3.6mH 
 Standard configuration  Input type: Type K thermocouple 
Linearisation/CJ Compensation: enabled/enabled

Damping/Smoothing value:0 seconds/0 seconds 
Output zero:0oC 
Output span: 250oC
Tag and description fields:blank
Open circuit alarm: set high (upscale) 
Transmitter failure alarm:set low (downscale) 
CJ failure alarm: set low (downscale) 
Line frequency: 50Hz 
 Configurator  A personal computer running MTL PCS45 software with a PCL45 interface. 

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