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ABB RVC12 RVC-12 Power Factor Controller 2GCA294987A0050 RV

description:Power factor setting range 0.7 inductive ~0.7 capacitiveSwitching order User-definedPower-off release Power-off or voltage drop occurs within 20ms (50Hz), and all capacitors are quickly and automatically removed.Power failure res...

ABB RVC12 RVC-12 Power Factor Controller 2GCA294987A0050 RVC12 series with best price

1.Product overview


RVC12 Power Factor Controller 2GCA294987A0050


ABB Power Factor controller RVC


RVC has become synonymous with automatic capacitor bank controller in many markets worldwide thanks to its distinct design, ease of use, reliability and versatile functions.

ABB Power Factor controller RVC product features

Powerful features

• Common range for a broad network voltages from 100V to 440V.

• Measurement and display of key parameters like voltage, current, power factor, THDV and THDI.

• Fully programmable switching sequence.

• 1A or 5A current input.

• Easy commissioning.

• Complete auto set-up (starting current-C/k, type of switching sequence, phase shift, special connections).

• Easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface and ease of access to parameters for manual setting.

• Highly efficient switching strategy combining integral, direct and circular switching thereby allowing:

• to control the cos j in presence of rapidly varying loads,

• to reduce the number of switching,

• to avoid unnecessary intermediary switchings,

• to increase the lifetime of the capacitors and contactors.

• Suitable for hot environments due to maximum ambient temperature rating of 70°C.

• Not affected by harmonics.

• Overvoltage / undervoltage protection and protections against harmonic distortion (THDV).

• Alarm : an alarm contact is opened when any of these conditions are reached:

• the target cos j is not reached within 6 minutes after all outputs have been switched on,

• the internal temperature of the RVC rises above 85°C,

• overvoltage / undervoltage limits are reached,

• the power supply is out of range,

• the THDV exceeds the limits.


ABB RVC12 RVC-12 Power Factor Controller 2GCA294987A0050 RVC12 series with best price


2. Main performance parameters



Measurement system Microprocessor control for balanced three-phase or single-phase grid

Working voltage 100V ~ 440V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Input current 1A or 5A (rms)

Input impedance <0.1 ohm (recommended CT minimum level 1.0, 10VA)

Loss up to 8 VA

Output contact Maximum continuous current: 1.5A

Maximum peak current: 5A

Maximum voltage: 440 Vac

Load capacity of terminal A: 16A continuous current

Alarm contact normally open

Maximum current: 5A

Rated, maximum breaking voltage: 250Vac/440Vac

Starting current setting (C/k) 0.01 ~ 3A

Automatic measurement C/k

Output circuit 3~12 road

Power factor setting range 0.7 inductive ~0.7 capacitive

Switching order User-defined

Power-off release Power-off or voltage drop occurs within 20ms (50Hz), and all capacitors are quickly and automatically removed.

Power failure reset delay time 40s

Operating temperature -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Storage temperature -30°C to 85°C

Dimensions (HxWxD) and weight 144x144x43 - 0.4 kg (without packaging)

Front panel protection class IP43



3. ABB Power Factor controller RVC technical specifications:


The power factor RVC function is as follows:


Directly connected to the 100-400V grid; higher voltage grids can be connected via transformers

Measure and display key parameters (voltage, current, power factor, THDV, THDI)

Fully programmable switching sequence

Easy to debug

Fully automatic setting

Friendly user interface, easy to use

High-efficiency multiple switching methods, including integral, direct, linear, cyclic switching, etc.

Suitable for high temperature environments

Unaffected by harmonics

Alarm signal output


ABB RVC12 RVC-12 Power Factor Controller 2GCA294987A0050 RVC12 series with best price

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