ABB PM856K01 Processor Unit Kit, ABB AC 800M


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ABB PM856K01 3BSE018104R1 Processor Unit Kit. Package including: PM856, CPU 3BSE018128R1. TP830, Baseplate, width=115 mm 3BSE018114R1. TB850, CEX-bus terminator 3BSC950193R1. TB807, ModuleBus terminator 3BSE008538R1. Battery for memory backup 4943013-6. 4 pos Power Plug 3BSC840088R4. Exchange No. EXC3BSE018104R1.

Model: PM856K01
Product ID: 3BSE018104R1
Categories: AC 800M
Brand: ABB

ABB AC 800M controller is a family of rail-mounted modules, consisting of CPUs, communication modules, power supply modules and various accessories. Several CPU modules are available that vary in terms of processing power, memory size, SIL-rating, and redundancy support. Each CPU module is equipped with two Ethernet ports for communication with other controllers and for interaction with operators, engineers, managers, and higher level applications. A Flash memory card can be inserted into a slot in the CPU module to store the application and data.

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