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Allen Bradley A-B 2085 PLC

description:Bulletin 2085 Micro850® Expansion I/O Controllers extend the capabilities of the Micro850 controllers by maximizing flexibility of the I/O count and type. The I/O module snaps firmly to the right side of Micro850 controller and supports bot...

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Allen Bradley PLC 2085-IF4


Provides additional analog I/O,  digital I/O and specialty capabilities
Offers removable terminal blocks for ease of installation, maintenance and wiring
Supports as many as 132 I/O points on each Micro850® controller (maximum of 4 expansion I/O modules)

2085 Analog Expansion I/O Modules
Analog input and output modules available: 4-channel, 8-channel, isolated
High resolution
High accuracy

2085 Digital Expansion I/O Modules
Variety of DC and AC discrete modules available to suit different applications
Solid-state output modules available for applications that require more than relays
High-density discrete I/O module available to reduce space consumption
2085 Specialty Expansion I/O Modules
Resistance temperature detector (RTD) available (4-channel, isolated)
Thermocouple (TC) modules available: 4-channel, isolated
High accuracy


2085 Bus Terminator Expansion I/O Modules

End cap terminator
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2085ECR  2085-ECR
2085IA8   2085-IA8
2085IF4    2085-IF4
2085IF8    2085-IF8
2085IM8  2085-IM8
2085IQ16          2085-IQ16
2085IQ32T       2085-IQ32T
2085IRT4 2085-IRT4
2085OA8 2085-OA8
2085OB16        2085-OB16
2085OF4  2085-OF4
2085OV16        2085-OV16
2085OW16       2085-OW16
2085OW8         2085-OW8

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