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Allen-Bradley A-B 1756

description:1756 ControlLogix Digital I/O ModulesOffers a variety of voltagesProvides 8 to 32 points per moduleOffers isolated and non-isolated module typesIncludes point-level output fault statesOffers direct-connect or rack-optimized commu...
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Allen bradley AB PLC 1756 1756-l72


  • Mounts in a ControlLogix® chassis
  • Requires either a removable terminal block (RTB) or a Bulletin 1492 wiring interface module (IFM) to connect all field-side wiring
  • Includes inherent time-stamping capabilities for sequence of events (SOE) applications
  • Offers comprehensive I/O diagnostics for detection of both system and field-side failures
  • Provides removal and insertion under power (RIUP) for ease of maintenance
  • Offers electronic keying to help prevent replacement errors
  • Includes I/O wizards in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application to enable quick and easy module configuration

1756 ControlLogix Digital I/O Modules

  • Offers a variety of voltages
  • Provides 8 to 32 points per module
  • Offers isolated and non-isolated module types
  • Includes point-level output fault states
  • Offers direct-connect or rack-optimized communication
  • Offers field-side diagnostics on select modules

1756 ControlLogix Analog I/O Modules

  • Includes input, output, and combination modules
  • Provides thermocouple and RTD modules
  • Includes on-board data alarming
  • Offers scaling to engineering units
  • Provides real-time channel samplin

1756 ControlLogix Specialty I/O Modules

  • Includes configurable flow meter modules
  • Provides high-speed counter modules
  • Offers programmable limit switch modules

1756 ControlLogix Removable Terminal Blocks (RTBs)

  • Provides a flexible interconnection between plant wiring and I/O modules
  • Includes screw-clamp or spring-clamp terminations
  • Not shipped with I/O modules; you must order separately

1756 HART Analog Isolated I/O Modules

  • Includes channel-to-channel isolation
  • Offers HART modem per channel for faster HART data update
  • Offers basic field device configuration via the Add-on Profile
  • Helps eliminate the need for field isolating barriers when using isolated modules
  • Offers 8- or 16-channel density modules

1756 Enhanced Analog I/O Modules

  • Offers increased accuracy, repeatability, stability, and precision
  • Includes isolated 8-channel and non-isolated 12- and 16-channel modules with stability over the entire temperature operating range
  • Does not require field calibration
  • Offers advanced precision using 24-bit design
  • Includes per channel status and fault LED annunciation
  • Offers SIL 1, systematic capability 2, type certified for use in a ControlLogix SIL 2 architecture
  • Offers an emulation mode that helps enable customers to migrate from 6-channel applications

1756 Communications Modules

  • Implements network-based access control for users, devices, and networks in the 1756 chassis
  • Offers security modules to encrypt important information shared between controllers and servers to prevent tampering

Model Numbers



1756A10  1756-A10

1756A10K         1756-A10K

1756A13  1756-A13

1756A13K         1756-A13K

1756A17  1756-A17

1756A17K         1756-A17K

1756A4    1756-A4

1756A4K  1756-A4K

1756A7    1756-A7

1756A7K  1756-A7K

1756A7XT         1756-A7XT

1756BA1  1756-BA1

1756BA2  1756-BA2

1756BATA         1756-BATA

1756BATM       1756-BATM

1756CFM 1756-CFM

1756CFMCC     1756-CFM-CC

1756CJC  1756-CJC

1756CN2 1756-CN2

1756CN2CC     1756-CN2-CC

1756CN2R        1756-CN2R

1756CN2RK      1756-CN2RK

1756CN2RXT   1756-CN2RXT

1756CNB 1756-CNB

1756CNBCC     1756-CNB-CC

1756CNBRK     1756-CNBRK

1756CP3  1756-CP3

1756CPR2         1756-CPR2

1756CPR2D      1756-CPR2D

1756CPR2U      1756-CPR2U

1756DHRIO      1756-DHRIO

1756DHRIOCC          1756-DHRIO-CC

1756DNB 1756-DNB

1756EN2F         1756-EN2F

1756EN2T         1756-EN2T

1756EN2TK      1756-EN2TK

1756EN2TR      1756-EN2TR

1756EN2TRK    1756-EN2TRK

1756EN2TRXT 1756-EN2TRXT

1756EN2TSC    1756-EN2TSC

1756EN2TXT    1756-EN2TXT

1756EN3TR      1756-EN3TR

1756ENBT        1756-ENBT

1756ENBTK      1756-ENBTK

1756ESMCAP   1756-ESMCAP

1756ESMCAPK          1756-ESMCAPK

1756ESMCAPXT       1756-ESMCAPXT

1756ESMNRMK        1756-ESMNRMK

1756ESMNSE   1756-ESMNSE


1756ESMNSEXT        1756-ESMNSEXT

1756EWEB       1756-EWEB

1756EWEBCC  1756-EWEB-CC

1756HIST1G     1756-HIST1G

1756HIST2G     1756-HIST2G

1756HSC  1756-HSC

1756HSCCC      1756-HSC-CC

1756HYD02      1756-HYD02

1756HYD02CC          1756-HYD02-CC

1756IA16 1756-IA16

1756IA16I         1756-IA16I

1756IA16IK      1756-IA16IK

1756IA16K        1756-IA16K

1756IA32 1756-IA32

1756IA32CC     1756-IA32-CC

1756IA8D         1756-IA8D

1756IA8DCC    1756-IA8D-CC

1756IB16 1756-IB16

1756IB16D       1756-IB16D

1756IB16DK     1756-IB16DK

1756IB16I         1756-IB16I

1756IB16ICC   1756-IB16I-CC

1756IB16IF       1756-IB16IF

1756IB16IFK    1756-IB16IFK

1756IB16ISOE 1756-IB16ISOE

1756IB16ISOECC     1756-IB16ISOE-CC

1756IB16K        1756-IB16K

1756IB32 1756-IB32

1756IB32K        1756-IB32K

1756IC16 1756-IC16

1756IC16CC     1756-IC16-CC

1756IF16 1756-IF16

1756IF16H        1756-IF16H

1756IF16HCC  1756-IF16H-CC

1756IF16HK     1756-IF16HK

1756IF16IH      1756-IF16IH

1756IF16IHK    1756-IF16IHK

1756IF16K        1756-IF16K

1756IF4FXOF2F         1756-IF4FXOF2F


1756IF8    1756-IF8

1756IF8H 1756-IF8H

1756IF8HCC     1756-IF8H-CC

1756IF8HK        1756-IF8HK

1756IF8I  1756-IF8I

1756IF8IH         1756-IF8IH

1756IF8IHK      1756-IF8IHK

1756IF8IK         1756-IF8IK

1756IF8K 1756-IF8K

1756IG16          1756-IG16

1756IG16CC    1756-IG16-CC

1756IH16I        1756-IH16I

1756IH16ICC   1756-IH16I-CC

1756IH16ISOE 1756-IH16ISOE

1756IH16ISOECC     1756-IH16ISOE-CC

1756IM16I       1756-IM16I

1756IM16IK     1756-IM16IK

1756IN16          1756-IN16

1756IN16CC    1756-IN16-CC

1756IR12 1756-IR12

1756IRT8I         1756-IRT8I

1756IRT8IK      1756-IRT8IK

1756IT16 1756-IT16

1756IV16 1756-IV16

1756IV16CC     1756-IV16-CC

1756IV32 1756-IV32

1756IV32CC     1756-IV32-CC

1756JMPR        1756-JMPR

1756L61   1756-L61

1756L61S 1756-L61S

1756L62   1756-L62

1756L62S 1756-L62S

1756L63   1756-L63

1756L63S 1756-L63S

1756L63XT       1756-L63XT

1756L64   1756-L64

1756L65   1756-L65

1756L71   1756-L71

1756L71K          1756-L71K

1756L71S 1756-L71S

1756L71SK        1756-L71SK

1756L72   1756-L72

1756L72EROM         1756-L72EROM

1756L72EROMS       1756-L72EROMS

1756L72K          1756-L72K

1756L72S 1756-L72S

1756L72SK        1756-L72SK

1756L73   1756-L73

1756L73K          1756-L73K

1756L73S 1756-L73S

1756L73SK        1756-L73SK

1756L73SXT     1756-L73SXT

1756L73XT       1756-L73XT

1756L74   1756-L74

1756L74K          1756-L74K

1756L75   1756-L75

1756L75K          1756-L75K

1756L7RMCN  1756-L7RMCN

1756L7RMEN  1756-L7RMEN

1756L7SP 1756-L7SP

1756L7SPK        1756-L7SPK

1756L7SPXT     1756-L7SPXT

1756L81E          1756-L81E

1756L81EK       1756-L81EK

1756L82E          1756-L82E

1756L82EK       1756-L82EK

1756L83E          1756-L83E

1756L83EK       1756-L83EK

1756L84E          1756-L84E

1756L84EK       1756-L84EK

1756L85EK       1756-L85EK

1756LSC8XIB8I         1756-LSC8XIB8I

1756LSP   1756-LSP

1756M02AE     1756-M02AE

1756M02AECC         1756-M02AE-CC

1756M02AS     1756-M02AS

1756M02ASCC         1756-M02AS-CC

1756M03SE      1756-M03SE

1756M03SECC          1756-M03SE-CC

1756M08SE      1756-M08SE

1756M08SECC          1756-M08SE-CC

1756M08SEG   1756-M08SEG

1756M16SE      1756-M16SE

1756M16SECC          1756-M16SE-CC

1756N2    1756-N2

1756N2XT         1756-N2XT

1756OA16        1756-OA16

1756OA16I       1756-OA16I

1756OA16IK     1756-OA16IK

1756OA16K      1756-OA16K

1756OA8 1756-OA8

1756OA8CC     1756-OA8-CC

1756OA8D        1756-OA8D

1756OA8DCC  1756-OA8D-CC

1756OA8E        1756-OA8E

1756OA8ECC   1756-OA8E-CC

1756OB16D     1756-OB16D

1756OB16DK   1756-OB16DK

1756OB16E      1756-OB16E

1756OB16EK    1756-OB16EK

1756OB16I       1756-OB16I

1756OB16ICC  1756-OB16I-CC

1756OB16IEF   1756-OB16IEF

1756OB16IEFK          1756-OB16IEFK

1756OB16IEFS 1756-OB16IEFS

1756OB16IS     1756-OB16IS

1756OB16ISCC         1756-OB16IS-CC

1756OB32        1756-OB32

1756OB32K      1756-OB32K

1756OB8 1756-OB8

1756OB8CC     1756-OB8-CC

1756OB8EI       1756-OB8EI

1756OB8EICC  1756-OB8EI-CC

1756OC8 1756-OC8

1756OC8CC     1756-OC8-CC

1756OF4  1756-OF4

1756OF4CC      1756-OF4-CC

1756OF8  1756-OF8

1756OF8H        1756-OF8H

1756OF8HK      1756-OF8HK

1756OF8I 1756-OF8I

1756OF8IH       1756-OF8IH

1756OF8IHK     1756-OF8IHK

1756OF8IK        1756-OF8IK

1756OF8K         1756-OF8K

1756OG16        1756-OG16

1756OG16CC   1756-OG16-CC

1756OH8I         1756-OH8I

1756OH8ICC    1756-OH8I-CC

1756ON8 1756-ON8

1756ON8CC     1756-ON8-CC

1756OV16E      1756-OV16E

1756OV16ECC 1756-OV16E-CC

1756OV32E      1756-OV32E

1756OV32ECC 1756-OV32E-CC

1756OW16I      1756-OW16I

1756OW16IK   1756-OW16IK

1756OX8I          1756-OX8I

1756OX8ICC    1756-OX8I-CC

1756PA30XT     1756-PA30XT

1756PA50         1756-PA50

1756PA72         1756-PA72

1756PA72K       1756-PA72K

1756PA75         1756-PA75

1756PA75K       1756-PA75K

1756PA75R       1756-PA75R

1756PA75RK    1756-PA75RK

1756PAR2         1756-PAR2

1756PAR2K       1756-PAR2K

1756PAR2XT    1756-PAR2XT

1756PAXT         1756-PAXT

1756PAXTR       1756-PAXTR

1756PB30XT    1756-PB30XT

1756PB50         1756-PB50

1756PB72         1756-PB72

1756PB72K       1756-PB72K

1756PB75         1756-PB75

1756PB75K       1756-PB75K

1756PB75R      1756-PB75R

1756PB75RK    1756-PB75RK

1756PBR2         1756-PBR2

1756PBR2K      1756-PBR2K

1756PBR2XT    1756-PBR2XT

1756PBXT         1756-PBXT

1756PBXTR      1756-PBXTR

1756PC75         1756-PC75

1756PC75CC    1756-PC75-CC

1756PH75         1756-PH75

1756PH75CC   1756-PH75-CC

1756PLS   1756-PLS

1756PLSCC       1756-PLS-CC

1756PPMPC     1756-PPMPC

1756PSCA2       1756-PSCA2

1756PSCA2K    1756-PSCA2K

1756PSCA2XT  1756-PSCA2XT

1756RIO  1756-RIO

1756RIOCC      1756-RIO-CC

1756RM2          1756-RM2

1756RM2K       1756-RM2K

1756RM2XT     1756-RM2XT

1756RMC1       1756-RMC1

1756RMC10     1756-RMC10

1756RMC3       1756-RMC3



1756SPESMNSE        1756-SPESMNSE



1756SYNCH      1756-SYNCH

1756SYNCHCC          1756-SYNCH-CC

1756TBCH        1756-TBCH

1756TBE  1756-TBE

1756TBNH        1756-TBNH

1756TBS6H      1756-TBS6H

1756TBSH         1756-TBSH

1756TIME         1756-TIME

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